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Use Cases


Although drone use is forbidden at most stadiums around the world, we still experience many drone interruptions during social events which threaten audience and endanger players. We are here to help eliminating these threats and prevent from accidental injuries or unwanted drone interruptions during your events.


2014 Serbia/Albania qualifier

An Albanian nationalist piloted a drone carrying a “Greater Albania” flag over the tense match

Player tears down a “Greater Albania” flag from drone's undercarriage during tense match

2018 World Cup football

ISIS has threatened to bring death and destruction to the World Cup using drone bombs.

A photo taken during World Football Cup 2018

2017 NFL

an American drone pilot flew over two NFL stadiums, dropping leaflets containing an anti-media message over the crowds.

The National Football League match before drone dropped leaflets with an anti-media message

If they are dropping leaflets, they can drop anything really, if you think about it

Drone flying over a stadium during tense match

Copyright infringement

Nowadays, drones are commonly used by paparazzi to obtain pictures and videos. We don't have to mention that drone appearance during training sessions are unwanted and cause a huge intrusion into players' privacy.

Drone flying over players with attached flag during a match

Unwanted drone interruptions

If drones are able to fly over stadiums full of people and drop leaflets, why wouldn't they be able to drop anything else? Unauthorized UAVs in stadiums' surroundings are a huge threat to audience and players themselves.

Eagle.One is autonomous drone hunter protecting
your event

Eagle.One is using a combination of most advanced technologies
to guard the airspace surrounding your stadium

Eagle.One is a fully autonomous anti-drone solution capable of safely eliminating unauthorized UAVs. Using light-weight carbon body, large Li-Po battery for greater endurance and an array of on-board sensors, we made our drone hunter the most effective tool against airborne attacks.


On-board computer

A powerful on-board computer allows our drone hunter to quickly react to its surrounding and skilfully evaluate upcoming situations.

Drone Hunter's hardware with on-board computer

Artificial intelligence

After the drone hunter receives a signal from external detection system, it autonomously takes off. The AI then takes the lead and autonomously flies towards the spot of intrusion. The drone hunter independently maneuvers around obstacles, detects the intruder and autonomously captures it.

Drone hunter on a mission detecting a drone flying over a restricted area

Non-destructive elimination

Our drone hunter uses non-destructive eliminating method, which allows forensic analysis to be performed on the captured subject, maximizing the chances of capturing the perpetrator.

Drone hunter capturing rogue drone into a net

Stand-by mode

Eagle.One is always in a stand-by mode prepared to start a mission. As soon as it receives a signal from the detection system it is ready to take off in 5 seconds.

Eagle's propellers powered by eight motors
Smartphone application which can be used instead of detection system


Our drone hunter is fully compatible with existing security system. Once integrated with detection system the drone hunter is fully autonomous from take off to landing.

Smartphone application

The drone hunter can also be paired with our smartphone application. Trained personnel then has full control over the drone hunter.

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