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Illegal espionage, weapon trafficking or explosive substances. All these risks to security affect each of us and, as a society, we must respond vigorously. Especially for military, a small drone carrying weapons or explosives depicts a serious jeopardy and cannot be overlooked. For that reason, a team of specialists from Czech Technical University (CTU) developed an autonomous defense system called EAGLE.ONE to guard and protect vulnerable areas from rogue drones. The newly developed anti-drone solution is capable of pursuing and safely capturing drone, allowing a forensic analysis of the captured UAV.

The ability to carry weapons or strike targets with bombs makes UAVs extremely dangerous threats in the wrong hands.



A drone on a mission to drop weapons for terrorists shot down in J&K

Pakistan village from the bird's-eye view


Yemen's Houthis have launched two drone attacks on Abha International Airport in the south of Saudi Arabia

Yemen's highroad


Russian military plans swarms of lethal 'Jihadi-Style' drones carrying explosives

A Russian soldier after finding a small drone on the battlefield territory

EAGLE.ONE offers the best
anti-drone solution


fully autonomous

always in a stand-by mode waiting for the next mission

using a non-eliminating method, which allows a forensic analysis of the captured subject

using on-board sensors and a predictive control system, which enables dynamic interception of fast-flying drones

Smartphone application which can be used instead of detection system


Our drone hunter is fully compatible with many of the existing security systems. Once integrated with a detection system, the drone hunter is fully autonomous from the take-off to the landing. The system can also be paired with our smartphone application. Trained personnel then has full control over the drone hunter.


Compatible with existing defense systems

The ability to integrate our drone hunter with an existing security system makes it the most versatile anti-drone solution. Our drone hunter can also be integrated with passive detection systems which might be necessary for many facilities.

Drone hunter detecting a rogue drone in an airspace

Artificial intelligence

After the drone hunter receives a signal from the external detection system, it autonomously takes off. The AI then takes the lead and autonomously flies towards the spot of intrusion. The drone hunter independently manoeuvres around any obstacles, detects the intruder and autonomously captures it.

EAGLE's hardware with an on-board computer equipped with AI

Non-destructive elimination

Our drone hunter uses a non-destructive eliminating method which allows a forensic analysis to be performed on the captured subject, maximizing the chances of capturing the perpetrator.

Drone hunter catching a rogue drone inside of the net

Stand-by mode

EAGLE.ONE is always in a stand-by mode prepared to start a mission in 5 seconds as soon as it receives a signal from the detection system.

EAGLE's propellers powered by eight motors


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