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Meet our drone hunter

EAGLE.ONE drone hunter represents the most advanced solution for resolving possible drone threats safely. A powerful on-board computer running a highly advanced AI enclosed in a robust carbon body powered by 8 strong motors ensures that no rogue drones escape.

A drone hunter flying on the spot of the last detection of intruder

Fully autonomous

A combination of the most advanced artificial intelligence in the field and an array of on-board sensors make EAGLE.ONE fully autonomous. The drone hunter can autonomously take off once a rogue drone is detected, track and predict its movements, follow it and deploy an offensive manoeuvre to safely capture it.

A drone Hunter's hardware contained with an on-board computer with artificial intelligence

On-board AI

EAGLE.ONE carries a powerful on-board computer equipped with the most advanced artificial intelligence in the field. This allows the drone hunter to perform even extremely demanding operations while still relying solely on the on-board computer.

An undercarriage of EAGLE.ONE's body with detachable module mechanism

Modular design

EAGLE.ONE's body is designed to be modular. The undercarriage module is detachable and can be replaced with a module of your choice (such as a net gun or a capture net). This allows us to equip the drone hunter with the most convenient capture mechanism for your perimeter.

A drone hunter's base where it is being charged to be ready for next mission

Ready to take off in just five seconds

Once deployed, EAGLE.ONE is waiting in a stand-by mode. As soon as it receives a command to start a mission (either sent by an operator or a detection system), it is ready to take off in less than 5 seconds.

EAGLE's body made of light carbon enables the most efficient action of capturing the drone

Sturdy body

EAGLE.ONE's body is made of a combination of aluminium and carbon which makes it highly durable. This allows our drone hunter to perform quick manoeuvres and withstand high forces that may occur while capturing the rogue drone.

A drone hunter with eight propellers powered by eight motors

Powered by eight motors

Our drone hunter is equipped with 8 powerful motors, making it fast and agile while giving it a capability to carry 40 kg maximum. Eight motors allow EAGLE.ONE to keep flying even if up to two motors fail.

A hot-swappable Li-Po battery pack of Drone hunter's body

Powerful battery pack

The drone hunter carries a dual hot-swappable Li-Po battery pack - allowing the drone hunter to stay in the air for up to 40 minutes.

A drone hunter catching intruder into a net

Non-destructive captive mechanism

EAGLE can be equipped with several non-destructive captive mechanisms, making the mission much safer for the surrounding infrastructure. This also gives the operators an option to analyze the captured intruder, thus maximizing the chances of catching the perpetrator.

A drone hunter deploys parachute emergency system

Integrated parachute

EAGLE has a highly advanced system for resolving non-standard situations, which can occur during the mission. Even in case everything else has failed, EAGLE.ONE carries an integrated autonomous parachute system which can be deployed during the highest level of emergency.

Close-up shot of drone hunter's on-board LiDAR sensor

Open API

EAGLE offers an Open API which allows for it to be easily integrated with already existing infrastructure or management systems.

Close-up shot of drone hunter's on-board LiDAR sensor

Advanced 3D LiDAR

Our drone hunter is equipped with the most-advanced currently-available 3D LiDAR sensor on the market. The LiDAR enables it to autonomously detect the intruder in space and observe its trajectory. The drone hunter can therefore operate without the need of receiving precise information from either the detection system or an operator.


A combination of carbon and high-grade aluminium has been used to construct EAGLE.ONE's body, making it the perfect machine for hunting down any rogue drones.

A drone hunter's sturdy body photographed from a horizontal view
The face of EAGLE's carbon body with on-board sensors array
A detail od the drone's arm carrying a strong motor
A profile of drone hunter EAGLE.ONE

Basic properties

WIDTH 1200 mm
LENGTH 1200 mm
WEIGHT 20 kg
LOAD 25 kg

On-board technology

COMPUTER Core i7 based platform
SAFETY integrated parachute system


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