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How it works

Eagle.One is a capture system designed to autonomously protect vulnerable areas from rogue drones. The drone hunter uses state-of-the-art technologies to detect, track and catch rogue drones without causing any significant damage to it's surroundings or the captured drone.


Perimeter breech

Our drone hunter is constantly waiting in standby mode making it ready to start the mission in under five seconds. Once an unknown UAV breeches the protected perimeter, the detection system situated around the perimeter sends an alert to our drone hunter, which autonomously takes off and starts the mission.


Locating the target

The drone hunter then flies towards the approximate location where the anomaly was detected by the on-premise sensor array. As soon as Eagle.One reaches the spot, it starts searching for the target itself, using combination of on-board sensors with updated data coming from the external detection system. As soon as drone hunter detects the rogue drone, it immediately starts pursuing the target.


Target pursuit

Using on-board sensors and highly advanced artificial intelligence Eagle.One is capable of not only tracking its target in space but it implements optimal model predictive control which allows the drone hunter to predict targets future trajectory and position itself in the perfect place to execute the offensive maneuver.


Target elimination

As soon as the drone hunter gets into an optimal position, it performs an offensive maneuver and safely captures the target. Eagle.One’s modular base can be equipped with various capture mechanisms depending on the exact needs of the given installation.


Return to base

Once the intruder is captured, the drone hunter carries it back to the designated spot. Eagle’s capture mechanism is non-destructive, making it possible to perform forensic analysis on the captured target, thereby maximizing the odds of capturing the perpetrator. Eagle.One is then placed back into it's docking station to be prepared for the next mission.

Emergency situations

Eagle.One was developed with safety in mind. The drone hunter uses a series of advanced mechanism to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. An integrated emergency parachute is also present to save from even the most serious emergencies.

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