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Use Cases


Drug and weapon trafficking using drones has turned out to be a major issue which is being predicted to spread extensively in the next few years. Nowadays, drones can penetrate into private facility unnoticed by the security and cause tremendous disruption. That is why our team has developed EAGLE.ONE - an autonomous drone hunter carrying state-of-the-art technology designed to catch any rogue drones without destroying them. Captured drone is then able to be subjected for further analysis, which significantly increases the chances of the offender being caught.

A rogue drone flying above a prison's area

Drug smuggling

Small UAVs are used for smuggling drugs into prisons due to their ability to remain undetected while crossing the border of the perimeter. Drug deliveries into prison facilities may cause a loss of control of the facility and endanger the lives of both the prisoners and the staff.


Weapon trafficking

Trafficking weapons into prisons has become a great unspoken issue. We don't have to mention that a weapon in the hands of a prisoner is extremely undesirable.

We don’t have to point out that having drones flying around prisons is unwelcome and creates possible endangerment and loss of control over the facility.


Ohio DOC

In 2015, 65 g of Marihuana, 6.6 g of heroin and 144.5 g of tobacco were smuggled and dropped to the ground of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

The DOC prison facility in Ohio

South Carolina DOC

In 2017, a prisoner was captured with a shotgun, a semi-automatic pistol, 4 telephones and almost $50,000 in cash during his attempt to break out of a prison in South Carolina, USA. All these items were delivered to the prisoner by a drone.

The prison facility in South Carolina

Australian Prison

In 2019, two drones flew over an Australian prison with abundant amount of methamphetamine which then ended up in a prisoners' hands. One of them ended up in a prison hospital due to an overdose.

An Australian prison facility

EAGLE.ONE is autonomous drone hunter protecting
your prison

fully autonomous

compatible with existing security systems

allowing forensic analysis on the captured subject

always in a stand-by mode waiting for the next mission


Compatible with existing security systems

The compatibility with existing security systems makes our drone hunter easily integrable to an existing infrastructure.

A drone hunter detecting an intruder with its sensor array

Artificial intelligence

After the drone hunter receives a signal from an external detection system, it autonomously takes off. The AI then takes the lead and flies towards the spot of intrusion. The drone hunter independently manoeuvres around any obstacles, detects the intruder and autonomously captures it.

A drone hunter's on-board computer equipped with artificial intelligence

Non-destructive elimination

The drone hunter uses non-destructive eliminating method which allows forensic analysis be performed on the captured subject which helps during investigation of the breach.

A drone hunter capturing a drone into a net by non-destructive method of elimination

Stand-by mode

EAGLE.ONE is waiting in a stand-by mode, ready to start the next mission within five seconds from receiving a signal from the detection system.

EAGLE's propellers powered by eight motors
A smartphone application which can be used instead of a detection system


The drone hunter is compatible with most of the existing security systems. Once connected to a detection system, the drone hunter is fully autonomous from the take-off to the landing.

Smartphone application

The drone hunter can also be paired with our smartphone application. Trained personnel then have full control over the drone hunter.


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