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Utilities and factories are often being terrorized by rogue drones which are used for espionage or by clueless pilots endangering the safety of the plant operation. The risk of not securing the airspace around power plants or refineries could have an enormous national impact.

A small drone can even unintentionally cause great damage not just to the facility, but to surrounding ecosystem as well.

A rogue drone found on the restricted area of a private facility

Illegal espionage

Drones are being commonly used for espionage due to their variability of sizes and ability to fly unnoticed. Fighting back and catching the perpetrators has been a difficult task.

Drone flying above factory

Critical infrastructure protection

Careless actions of a drone pilot can pose great damage to infrastructure or to facility's surrounding. Nowadays, it is a huge risk not to protect the airspace of your facility.



A series of drone strikes hit the world’s largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia

City in Saudi Arabia where drone occurrence was detected


Remote-control aircraft have come into contact with the Devon Energy Center on multiple occasions

City in Saudi Arabia where drone occurrence was detected


In France, several unidentified UAVs made flights in the restricted airspace over 13 nuclear power plants in apparently coordinated and organized manner

City in Saudi Arabia where drone occurrence was detected

Eagle.One is autonomous drone hunter protecting
your factory

By using the most advanced technologies Eagle.One offers what is needed to guard corporate infrastructure and facilities. Autonomy makes the drone hunter an efficient solution against all kinds of small UAV occurring in surroundings of the restricted area.

Eagle.One is:

fully autonomous

compatible with existing security systems

allowing forensic analysis on the captured subject

always in stand-by mode waiting for the next mission

On-board computer

A powerful on-board computer allows our drone hunter to quickly react to its surrounding and skilfully evaluate upcoming situations.

Drone hunter's hardware contained with on-board computer equipped with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

After the drone hunter receives a signal from external detection system it autonomously takes off. The AI then takes the lead and autonomously flies towards the spot of intrusion. The drone hunter independently maneuvers around obstacles, detects the intruder and autonomously captures it.

Drone hunter detecting rogue drone in an airspace

Non-destructive elimination

Our drone hunter uses non-destructive eliminating method which allows forensic analysis to be performed on the captured subject, maximizing the chances of capturing the perpetrator.

Drone hunter catching rogue drone into a net

Stand-by mode

Eagle.One is always in stand-by mode prepared to start a mission in 5 seconds as soon as it receives a signal from the detection system.

Eagle's propellers powered by eight motors
Smartphone application which can be used instead of detection system


Our drone hunter is fully compatible with existing security system. Once integrated with detection system the drone hunter is fully autonomous from take off to landing.

Smartphone application

The drone hunter can also be paired with our smartphone application. Trained personnel then has full control over the drone hunter.

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