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Guard your airspace

As drone technology rapidly grows, accounts of drone misuse grow simultaneously with it.

After witnessing thousands of incidents during which drones caused airport shutdowns, anonymously threatened factories and even became a deadly weapon used in terrorist attacks, top scientists in the field developed an autonomous anti-drone solution: Eagle.One.

Eagle.One is uniquely equipped to help you guard your airspace from rogue drones.

Use cases

Military<br>& defense Military<br>& defense

& defense

Especially for military a small drone carrying weapons or explosives can pose a significant threat which is necessary to be dealt with.

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Airports<br>security Airports<br>security


With over £50 million in damages, Gatwick airport became a wake up call to airports all over the world.

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Prison<br>guarding Prison<br>guarding


Trafficking drugs and weapons using drones has become a big issue which is predicted to extensively spread in next few years.

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Industrial<br>complexes Industrial<br>complexes


A small drone can unintentionally cause great damage not just to a factory, but to surrounding ecosystem as well.

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Drone Hunter's front part with sensors array

The drone hunter

Most advanced anti-drone solution

EAGLE.ONE drone hunter represents the most advanced solution for mitigating drone threads. Robust carbon body powered by eight strong motors ensures that no rogue drone escapes.

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence in the field, our drone hunter is fully autonomous from the point it takes off to the point in lands with the captured intruder.

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A computer associated with artificial intelligence


See the power of our drone hunter's Open API

Integrity between systems is in today's world more important than ever before. Eagle.One was designed with integration in mind.

Eagle's Open API guarantees that relevant parties are always aware of the latest updates and no systems are left in the dark.

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Businesss conference in Oman

Businesss conference in Oman

01. 3. 2020

We had a chance to present our anti-drone solution to the representatives of government of Oman as a part of delegation composed of top technological companies from the Czech Republic.

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26. 2. 2020

Scientists working on the Eagle.One project competed in the second instance of the prestige biennial competition held by Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) in Abu Dhabi as a part of the CTU-UPenn-NYU team. Building on their previous victory, the team won the Grand finale of the competition.

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Meeting with the Governor of Nevada

Meeting with the Governor of Nevada

31. 10. 2019

In October 2019 representatives from Eagle.One took part in a meeting with the Governor of Nevada to discuss drone autonomy advances.

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