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Use Cases

Private properties

Increasing use of drones raises issues not only for privacy but most importantly safety. Rogue drones are being used to obtain personal information (such as images) of individuals without their permission or knowledge.

What rights do we have as residents for drone activity to be occurring in our backyards and our private space?

Invasion of privacy

Although, drone operators are being forced by law to keep drones at least 50 metres away from a person, vehicle, building or structure, we are still witnessing many invasions of privacy or health-threatening situations caused by rogue drones.



Drone flying close to Cape Coral home invades a family's sense of privacy


Woman says she doesn't know who was flying drones in her backyard


Drone seen “peeping” around Fayette County

Eagle.One is here to guard your privacy and prevent from rogue drone threats

Eagle.One is:

fully autonomous

compatible with existing security systems

allowing forensic analysis on the captured subject

always in stand-by mode waiting for the next mission


On-board computer

A powerful on-board computer allows our drone hunter to quickly react to its surrounding and skilfully evaluate upcoming situations.

Artificial intelligence

After the drone hunter receives a signal from external detection system it autonomously takes off. The AI then takes the lead and autonomously flies towards the spot of intrusion. The drone hunter independently maneuvers around obstacles, detects the intruder and autonomously captures it.

Non-destructive elimination

Our drone hunter uses non-destructive eliminating method which allows forensic analysis to be performed on the captured subject, maximizing the chances of capturing the perpetrator.

Stand-by mode

Eagle.One is always in stand-by mode prepared to start a mission in 5 seconds as soon as it receives a signal from the detection system.


Our drone hunter is fully compatible with existing security system. Once integrated with detection system the drone hunter is fully autonomous from take off to landing.

Smartphone application

The drone hunter can also be paired with our smartphone application. Trained personnel then has full control over the drone hunter.

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