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Real use-case demonstration of the EAGLE.ONE system in the prison complex  Rapotice
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Real use-case demonstration of the EAGLE.ONE system in the prison complex Rapotice

29. 6. 2022

Drones are dropping drugs and cell phones in prison yards. They are delivering contraband to prisoners through smashed prison windows or by crashing into some recreational areas. They have dropped wire cutters used in bold prison escapes. They have also sparked prison riots and supplied weapons like knives, scissors and guns that put inmates and correctional officers at risk. Trafficking contraband using drones has become a big issue for many prison complexes during the last decade. As the technology advances and small drones become even more affordable, this problem is predicted to become even more prevelant in the following years. The EAGLE.ONE drone capture system was uniquely designed to solve this problem. Unlike most convential solutions, EAGLE.ONE was designed to safely capture the intruding drone without causing any significant damage to the captured drone or to the surrounding area. We were able to present the drone hunter's abilities in a real-life-scenario demonstration in the prison complex Rapotice. EAGLE.ONE can detect an unwanted drone flying in restricted area, follow it, safely capture it in a net a bring it back to its base. All of it autonomously, thanks to the on-board computer powering a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Since the intruding drone was safely captured, it can be subjected to a forensic analysis, giving the authorities the highest chances of identifying and capturing the perpetrator. We are glad that we could demonstrate the ability of our technology in a real-life setting and that we could spread awareness of the threat drones may pose to prison complexes when put in the wrong hands.


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