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Meeting with the Governor of Nevada
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Meeting with the Governor of Nevada

31. 10. 2019

In October 2019 representatives from Eagle.One took part in a meeting with the Governor of Nevada to discuss drone autonomy advances.

It is unbelievable how fast drone technology grows. Drones can fly autonomously without any human intervention and reach tremendous speeds. Thanks to drones we can monitor and combat forest fires or get photos and videos of places we would never have an opportunity to see. Drones are also used in site surveying, parcel deliveries, sports, and many more.

However, at this time we are witnessing more drone misuse than ever before. Drones are being used for illegal espionage, drug transportation or unintentionally posing threat and damage to wildlife.

Eagle.One Drone Hunter is uniquely developed to guard and prevent facilities, individuals, and organizations from threats from the airspace.

Thanks to FAA and NASA the state of Nevada has maintained its position as a national leader in the Drone Industry. That establishes the state of Nevada as a premier UAS Test Site for international Autonomous Systems. Hence we are extremely honored to present our autonomous project Eagle.One right there.

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