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26. 2. 2020

The scientists working on the EAGLE.ONE project had competed for the second time in the prestige competition named Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), which takes place biennially in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as a part of the CTU-UPenn-NYU team. The team won the Grand Finale of the competition, adding another win under its wings after the victory two years before. MBZIRC 2020 consisted of three challenges and a so-called “The Grand Challenge”. It was the latter where the team standed out the most. This challenge required a team of three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to compete in a triathlon composed of the all the three former challenges combined. Seventeen teams of top experts in their field were challenged in tasks coming from the sectors of safety, a constructional automation and an urban firefighting. The victory in MBZIRC has brought a worldwide exposure for the field of the autonomous UAV application, resulting in a number of new fruitful relationships and opportunities. We are very proud of our hard-working team of scientists and we congratulate them for their excellent work.

Read more about MBZIRC here: https://www.mbzirc.com/challenge/2020


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