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IDET 2019
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IDET 2019

20. 5. 2019

We are proud to announce that the new generation of our drone hunter - Mark II - was displayed at the International Defence and Security Technologies (IDET) 2019 fair, a worldwide defence and security technology exhibition in Central Europe. As technology goes forward, our team works incredibly hard to always stay one step ahead of our competition. We have presented all of our drone hunter generations in order to highlight the key differences and improvements that we had made during the previous several years. It has been a long journey for EAGLE.ONE to become the greatest weapon in the fight against rogue drones. Due to its improved features, such as a state-of-the-art 3D stereo camera, a fully-autonomous flight control and a load capacity of 15 kg, our drone hunter managed to outperform all the previous anti-drone devices. Since then, our drone-hunter technology has helped the Czech Military Institute, as well as other organisations with strengthening the airspace security and defence. When a new layer of the airspace security for any vulnerable, both private and commercial or even military areas is needed - in order to protect the area against possible breaches - that is where EAGLE.ONE comes in.


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