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Future Port Prague

29. 9. 2018

Technology is evolving every day. What we now consider impossible may one day become a reality. One of the places where you can see this for yourself is Future Port Prague. This technology festival is one of the largest in Central Europe and we are glad we could have been a part of it.

While technology is indispensable for our lives, people should be aware of the fact that in the wrong hands new technology can often cause great damage. In recent years, we have witnessed countless incidents in which a seemingly harmless drone stopped air traffic for 3 days or illegally transferred drugs across national borders. And it was necessary to invent a new non-destructive solution which could reduce these risks.

That is why co-founder of Eagle.One Ing. Martin Saska Ph.D. with our team presented a new anti-drone solution, the so-called "drone hunter". The mission of the drone hunter is to autonomously catch the intruder into a net and to carry it safely back to the designated spot. It could thus be applied in the premises of private factories, airports, military areas, or in areas around prisons.

We are honored that we were able to present a large part of our work at Future Port Prague and acquaint the audience with problems that the illegal use of drones poses.


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