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EAGLE.ONE in Czech Television
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EAGLE.ONE in Czech Television

31. 8. 2018

We are very pleased to say that our first EAGLE.ONE prototype attracted the attention of editors from Czech Television. EAGLE.ONE’s co-founder Ing. Martin Saska, Ph.D. explains in the interview, how our team brought a fully autonomous drone hunter to life, as well as its main purpose. Despite the fact that drones are becoming smaller every year, they, by no means, get any less dangerous. Drones can nowadays reach tremendous speeds and fly further than ever before. In the wrong hands, they can pose a serious threat to critical infrastructures and their surrounding environment. This was the main reason why the project EAGLE.ONE was started. The main aim of our project is to offer a safe solution for mitigating this newly occurring endangerment. EAGLE.ONE drone hunter is able to safely identify, pursue and capture the detected intruder in mid-air.

See the full interview for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ra-JdcJKGc&feature=emb_logo


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