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EAGLE.ONE Mark III with LiDAR detection system
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EAGLE.ONE Mark III with LiDAR detection system

18. 7. 2020

A new prototype of the EAGLE.ONE system was being developed and tested. This new version included a more robust frame (now with a polygon cross-section design to prevent warping) and a dedicated antenna for RTK for a more precise positioning than the preceding prototype was equipped with. By far, the biggest innovation was the change in the detection mechanism. Our team had worked tirelessly for numerous months to redesign and improve the original detection mechanism for it to be functioning with the most cutting-edge LiDAR technology that is currently available on the market. The LiDAR detection technology allows the EAGLE.ONE drone hunter to operate even in worse visibility than the stereo-camera setup had ever been capable of handling. It had also guaranteed a much larger field of view and a significant improvement of the detection range for the drone hunter.


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