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Businesss conference in Oman
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Businesss conference in Oman

01. 3. 2020

Technology advances every day and it is really important for us to keep up with the trend and always meet high expectations of our clients. Thanks to that we had a chance to present our anti-drone solution to the representatives of government of Oman as a part of delegation composed of top technological companies from the Czech Republic.

It is becoming more and more clear that drones, while offering a great utility, can cause tremendous harm if placed in wrong hands. We are grateful for every opportunity to spread the awareness and familiarize people with the dangers of UAVs in wrong hands. Vulnerable areas need to be prepared to face these issues before they take place.

We are aware of conventional methods to secure airspace from rogue drones, such as signal jammers or trained falcons. However, we still believe that these commonly used weapons against rogue drones are not as effective, as our newly developed system. For example in case of trained eagles or falcons, it takes up to several years in order for trainers to prepare them properly for air defense.

Our anti-drone solution is designed to guard the airspace of restricted areas, in order to prevent interruption of commercial air travel, private corporate espionage or illegal delivery of weapons and chemicals. We believe it offers the best utility for most installations.

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