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What is the purpose of a parachute on drones?
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What is the purpose of a parachute on drones?

20. 2. 2024

One of the essential factors that have a major impact on the operation of drones is safety. Drones are designed to withstand many influences such as wind, insects, etc. Even though drones are becoming more and more sophisticated and durable, they can still have all sorts of accidents, malfunctions or collisions, which are not always caused by mishandling.

For all these reasons, the parachute is an important part of the design. Its main purpose is to reduce the speed of a possible crash and to allow landing without any major harm, either to the drone itself or to prevent collision with other objects or even with people. The larger the drone is, the more important it is to mitigate these sudden crashes and the consequences it may cause. It is always advisable to familiarize oneself thoroughly with the documentation, for these cases in specific, so that the pilot can react optimally.

Usually, the parachute opens automatically when the drone encounters some technical problem such as engine failure or a loss of control; however, it can also be activated manually if the drone pilot assesses that it is necessary. Some of the more advanced systems can even cover situations of sudden changes in the drone's altitude. Minimising the risks associated with the emergency scenarios in which a drone may find itself, is key to the safe operation of any drone. Some drones are equipped with sophisticated systems that have graduated levels of intervention depending on the specific situation.

Nonetheless, the size of these parachutes is tricky. They have to be able to function efficiently while not adding too much to the overall weight of the drone as a whole. Therefore, most commonly the parachutes are made of nylon, polyester or ripstop fabric, which is reinforced and as a result, if the material breaks, it prevents any further damage. Small drones, which are usually used for recreational purposes, tend to have parachutes with a diameter of a few tens of centimetres, while the largest drones can have parachutes as large as several metres.

EAGLE.ONE drones are equipped with the best system that currently exists for parachutes suitable for drones. It has been designed to provide maximum safety even during the riskiest manoeuvres. In combination with the guidance system, our drone-catcher then becomes highly reliable and the risk of damage is significantly lower than with competing models.


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