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2020 World Expo in Dubai
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2020 World Expo in Dubai

29. 10. 2021

The World Expo in Dubai is without doubt the greatest technological and artistic event of the year. The Czech Republic has opened its national pavilion with its references to the traditions and to the history our country, which has a proud legacy of great names in culture and technology. There are also references to technologies of the future.

The Eagle.One drone hunter was presented in the rotating exhibition of the Czech national pavilion alongside other projects demonstrating cutting-edge abilities of UAVs.

The Eagle.One autonomous drone hunter is the most advanced solution for guarding areas and critical infrastructure from intruding drones. Unlike most other solutions, our drone hunter is capable of intercepting the intruder without damaging it by safely capturing it in a net. The autonomous drone has a wide range of applications from airports and prisons to factories and private properties.

We were honoured than we could be a part of the 2020 World Expo in Dubai and we would like to thank all the organizers for making this possible.


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